Home Help Angels - We are here to help make you and your loved ones life easier.
Home Help Angels is a quality home help service agency that provides affordable services to seniors, new mothers, people with disabilities or people who are just looking for some extra assistance throughout RI.The services that we provide are concierge, senior relocation and estate sales. Our primary goal is to help assist and manage our clients with the changes that has or is happening in their lives and give them a complete peace of mind and satisfaction
Clean! Clean! Clean!, whether you need it done daily, weekly, monthly, after a move, or an estate sales, let Home Help Angels help you.
Is your physical condition keeping you from being able to take your pet to the groomers?or your dog for a walk? are you leaving for the weekend need someone to stop by your home and feed your pet(s)? then our concierge service is just what your look for! 
A move is never easy for anyone. Its even more difficult when your an older adult, limited with physical barriers and emotional attachment to the home which you are about to move out from. Our senior relocation services can help you physically and emotionally with this transitional process.
 Estate sales are always tough. Weather you are put in a position where you have to sell a lot of memories that you have had for many years or a family member who has to sell (get rid of) a deceased family members items, Home Help Angels understand your position. We can take the responsibility of selling your items the best way possible way and get the home in the condition that it needs to be so that the Realtor can continue with the home selling process.
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